Illustrating ‘Chalk Hills White Horses’

A Face in the Brambles

‘The artwork placed within this book often started as colour originals. I would like to give my grateful thanks to all the contributing artists I contacted who were generous and positive enough to send in files of their artwork and allow to be reproduced in black and white. In particular I would like to thank equine artist Jo Richardson for producing her commissions in many media on my visits to her country studio in Hampshire. I hope readers will take time to go through the artists’ individual websites included in the ‘List of Illustrations’ of the book for those artworks that appeal most to them.”

‘A Face in the Brambles’ by equine and animal artist Jo Richardson at

Linocuts, woodcuts, oil colours, charcoals, watercolours, are all reproduced in B&W within the book to pair with the photographic images of the Hill-figures and White Horses.




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